Beautiful and chic print on neutral black cashmere scarf. Perfect for travel, office, casual wear.
Sarasa 100% Cashmere Long Scarf (Black)
Classic Black and Beige Neutral Cashmere Scarf. Versatile and Luxurious. Wear it anywhere, everywhere.
Classic Neutral Black Print Cashmere Scarf BestSeller by Ayesha.

Sarasa 100% Cashmere Long Scarf (Black)

$345.00 SGD

 The Japanese Chrysanthemum motif, evoking Japanese Buddhist iconography, is the muse for these screenprinted stoles. Inspired by Indian sarasa textiles popular in the Edo period (1615-1868) used for sashes (obi) and the lining of robes (kosode), these screenprints on fine cashmere with baby diamond weaving, are contemporary statement accessories for the modern, chic woman.


Ayesha Cashmere Sarasa Long Scarf