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Classic Dresses For Summer

When it comes to a summer wardrobe, quality, comfort and style need to go hand in hand! Bright colours, soft feel and flow, our best sellers carry that essence of summer all summer long. Say hello to our muses!

 The Pandora "Work and Days" Dress

A-Line Dress with Bead Necklace


The Pandora is a halter neck A-line dress with an accompanying handmade ombre blue bead necklace.  The straight and un-fussy silhouette that can take you from school runs, brunch catch-ups, work meetings to casual date nights; truly the workhorse in every woman's wardrobe. And of course, it has pockets.
The Story Behind The Dress : Inspired by Hesoid's Work and Days epic poem, the character of Pandora symbolises womankind and the jar of hope that she holds on to is what humanity strives for. While there are many interpretations of Pandora in the original poem, the one I prefer is that woman who represent's the the catalyst for organised society, one with a civilising influence! And boy, does she have to work all day to achieve that - hence the tongue-in-cheek name - The Pandora Work and Days Dress!

    The Amrita "Freedom" ShirtDress


     The Freedom Shirt Dress is an inclusive free size silhouette that works for every body shape. Wear it as a dress or with pants.

    The Story Behind The Dress: The Freedom Dress has been Inspired by one of India’s greatest poets, Amrita Pritam. Her works mostly revolve around the turbulent times and theme of India’s partition, and the violence of the freedom struggle. She was considered to be the voice of feminism in the aftermath of India’s partition in 1947. In her long life and career, she wrote over 100 poems and shaped the future of literature for women. The women in Pritam’s characters were a reflection of how she lived her life - on her own terms, determined to unshackle herself from social norms and seize freedoms. The idea with this free size dress silhouette is to allow freedom from conventional sizing and structure.

    The Twyla "Swirl and Twirl" Dress


    Want a backless dress, but want the comfort of a bra as well? Say hello to the fun and flattering backless strappy Twyla dress with a bralette top. Plenty of straps to get the fit that's comfortable for you. It's free size, fits every body size, super comfy, great flow and gets you into a happy place at once!  The high-low silhouette gives the dress a fun flow! 

    The Story Behind The Dress : Popular American dancer, director and choreographer, Twyla Tharp's had a significant influence on modern dance by being a pioneer in combining classical ballet with contemporary movements. This dress is inspired by her creative mind and vision. In her book , Creative Habit, the first chapter is titled "I walk into a white room". The flow of the Twyla dress encourages you to move, jump, dance,  twirl, reminds you that you are the director and choreographer of your own canvas that is called life. 




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