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About Ayesha

Modern Heritage Lifestyle

AYESHA offers responsibly-made fashion, home and gifting products made with fine textiles developed in collaboration with heritage crafts artisans in India.

What We Offer

For conscious consumers who desire luxurious contemporary craftsmanship, AYESHA  provides limited edition handcrafted artisanal apparel, table linen and and scarves.

Our range of scarves, apparel and table linen is developed with the utmost attention to detail and a high standard of craftsmanship in weaving, printing, embroideries, stitching and tailoring. Contemporary designs, story-led prints, are all hallmarks of an AYESHA product. With a focus on low-carbon, small-batch, zero-waste production processes, at AYESHA, our endeavour is to enrich the lives of makers and users; by celebrating cultural heritage, sustaining artisanal livelihoods, and offering planet and people-friendly choices.

Design Inspiration

 Based in Singapore, our design aesthetic is shaped by the culture and style of cosmopolitan Asia while our woven concepts get their inspiration from Stories Forgotten and Familiar; from around the corner and across the world; from nature, art, architecture and popular culture. 

About Ayesha CashmereHow We Work

We believe that a truly luxurious product is rooted in exceptional quality and exclusivity. At the same time, we are also committed to contributing to local communities, supporting heritage crafts and ensuring that our products are ethically produced. As a result, we work with a growing network of crafts artisans, social enterprises and boutique production houses across India, Nepal and Philippines, skilled in weaving, printing and embroideries, to develop our products. Given the intricate processes involved, we produce limited quantities for each design - perfect for the connoisseur who is looking for something really special. 

Keeping Crafts Alive With Ayesha Cashmere

 Why We Do What We Do

We believe that responsible consumption has rich roots in heritage. Looking to the past, we know that handmade crafts can play an important role in creating products that have a long life and can be passed down through generations. This sort of sustainable consumption, not only is beneficial for the environment and our planet's resources, but also sustains employment and culture, providing dignity and inclusivity to those who are part of the handmade eco-system. 
Hence, the brand works towards demystifying the connection between indigenous crafts, the environment, society and the individual, with the goal of building a cleaner and calmer world.