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If You Could Mend It and Patch It...Would You Wear It?

This was the question I asked myself as I embarked on my latest experimental upcycling project. Could I make something renewed out of something tired, something old? A few weeks into research and rather laborious efforts, I quickly realised I had no idea how to go about patching and mending. I have an interest for sure, but I am awfully slow and eventually gave up, scarily fast! It is what it is, unfortunately, and millions around the world like me- multiple generations of folks - don't know how to fix things once they are frayed, damaged or old.  We All Come From A Long Line of Patchers This is a fact. Every society around the world has always had some...

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Find My Flourish

Singapore-based designer Ayesha Kohli shares the inspiration behind the launch of her range of handloom clothing developed in collaboration with heritage textile artisans, in the midst of Covid.

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