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Find My Flourish

Why Flourish?

In the past twenty months or so, in the midst of personal tragedies and global trauma, we have found ways to connect and support each other. For many of us, there has been a shift in the way we view the world, our place in it, our connections with others. For me, taking one day at a time, focusing on the positive, paying attention to my own body and mind, seemed a way to get through the chaos and uncertainty. All of this necessarily comes from a place of privilege, of that I am keenly aware and have much gratitude for. And so there was also much soul-searching in evaluating whether I could include this shift into the work that I put out into the world.

Inspired By Generations Of Handcraft Artisans
My interest and connections in the communities of artisans engaged in the heritage crafts sector in India, meant that I could also see first hand, the hardships that had befallen and continue to besiege the sector. What started off as a small attempt to help provide temporary relief by sourcing unsold textile inventories, has morphed into a bigger undertaking of developing products that are gentle and kind - for the maker and the user.
Singapore based designer Ayesha works with handloom weavers
And So Flourish was first with many questions.
Could I develop products that enriched the lives of makers and users, that celebrated cultural heritage, that sustained artisanal livelihood, that offered both planet and people friendly choices?
The answer to these questions is a product line that combines heritage craft and contemporary designs, that has a focus on low-carbon, small-batch, zero-waste production processes, that is tapping into generations of talent and craft. But this journey in exploring heritage crafts has just started for me, just as we all begin to get used to living in a different world.
Hence the focus is on finding one's flourish - a hopeful future, because we will eventually get there, step by step. I invite to join me in my journey. If this resonates with you, I hope you will share yours too - what is helping you find your way forward ? How are you finding your flourish ?
Find My Flourish

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