Balance: Designed For Peace, Wisdom and Understanding – AYESHA

Balance: Designed For Peace, Wisdom and Understanding


At our very core, we have the strength and wisdom to find a sense of balance. Often, balance arises from knowing what extremes and excesses may look like, but intentionally seeking an amalgamation of perspectives that focuses and centers us. To get started on this intentional pursuit of balance, Ayesha presents a collection of classic silhouettes in a black and white monochromatic palette. Our shades of ivory and charcoal with delicate motifs and patterns , on light handloom fabrics of jamdani, chanderi and ikat are soft to the touch , quietly calming to the mind and body - encouraging us to find the balance that we need. Simple yet elegant tablescapes of black and white with edgings of silver nudge us to have conversations and try to understand perspectives that interrupt ours. The fact is - nothing is totally black or white. There are many hues and tones along the spectrum of extremes. Can we try to meet in the middle? Could we try to find a balance ?


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