One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is to intentionally develop an attitude of gratitude. Celebrating the highs of life, festive occasions, milestone dates are of course important in marking key moments and accomplishments in this journey we call life. But celebrating the smaller moments that bring joy, taking time to ”be” rather than ”do” are just as important in acknowledging the grit and grace we employ in our daily lives. It is this mindset of grit, gratitude and grace that helps us persevere, find our sense of purpose, helps us shine.

The Ayesha Shine Collection embodies this spirit of celebrating grit, gratitude and grace. It is is colourful and bold, with lustrous finishes, sparkly embroideries and prints. Our signature handloom Kota Dorias and Chanderi fabrics in versatile silhouettes take centre stage, with cashmere scarves, silk beaded necklaces, cape jackets complimenting as sumptuous accessories. You are invited to celebrate. Come and Shine!