Banjara 100% Cashmere Square Scarf – AYESHA
Cashmere Gifts - Luxurious Handprinted Scarf by Ayesha
Cashmere Gifts For Her - Luxury Scarves By Ayesha - HandPrinted
Luxury Gifts For Her - Handprinted Cashmere Scarf by Ayesha

Banjara 100% Cashmere Square Scarf

$225.00 SGD

Inspired by the rich colours and motifs of “gallas” of the Banjara tribes of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh in India, these handcrafted and screenprinted small scarves are immediately fun and playful while being luxuriously lightweight in their gossamerfine 2 ply-200 count construction. The Banjara scarves are handwoven using a baby diamond weave, hand screen-printed and finished with a hand-rolled hem - a true labour of craftsmanship and attention to detail, translating gypsy stories from India onto a canvas of luxurious cashmere.