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Luxurious Chic Women's Accessories - 100% Cashmere Scarf by Ayesha Cashmere
100% Cashmere Scarf by Ayesha - Decogrid Green

Decogrid 100% Cashmere Extra Long Scarf (Green)

$380.00 SGD

The Decogrid collection pays homage to architectural detailing on windows, doors and gates. Inspired by decorative metalwork and urban skylines these screen prints on gossamer soft herringbone cashmere in bold, crisp colours celebrate a love for geometry, symmetry and architectural context. 

100%Cashmere by Ayesha- Decogrid Collection-Inspired by architectural metalwork

100%Cashmere By Ayesha Cashmere-Decogrid Collection-Inspired By Architectural Metalwork-Singapore Gifts