Louisa PinTuck Overlay Dress – AYESHA
Louisa PinTuck Overlay Dress
Louisa PinTuck Overlay Dress
Louisa PinTuck Overlay Dress

Louisa PinTuck Overlay Dress

$180.00 SGD
The Louisa PinTuck Overlay Dress is a versatile lightweight dress that can be worn as a buttoned-up dress with a belt or open as an overlay jacket. 

The Story Behind The Dress: Inspired by a conversation in Louisa May Alcott's Little Women, where Amy says:

"My only comfort," she said to Meg, with tears in her eyes, "is that Mother doesn't take tucks in my dresses whenever I'm naughty, as Maria Parks's mother does. My dear, it's really dreadful, for sometimes she is so bad her frock is up to her knees, and she can't come to school.

Well, we've come a long way from Edwardian times, and the Pin Tuck Overlay Dress is all about celebrating naughtiness and wearing pintucks with pride. 


Ikat is a dyeing technique used to weave patterns into textiles. It uses a technique called resist dyeing, where threads are tied and dyed before weaving. One of the most noticeable and unique attributes of surrounding an Ikat pattern is the blurriness in the design. It can also be considered to be a global design movement that spans across the centuries and originated in Asia. The word “ikat” has Indonesian and Malay roots, roughly translating to mean “tie and bind”.

The handloom Ikat fabrics sourced by Ayesha originate from the weaving cluster of Telangana, India. This particular motif has been inspired by architectural elements in the Chowmahalla Palace, Hyderabad.

The sewing technique of pintucks is also a slow and time-consuming craft, elevating the look of the dress with texture and detailing, incorporating a more structured finish.


  • Dress with pintucks in the front and back top part of the dress
  • Comes with pockets and a belt
COMPOSITION & CARE                                                                                             
100% handloom cotton. Handwash gently in cold water and air dry in shade. Do not wring fabric.


  • Fit: Structured silhouette with a belt or worn loose without a belt
  • Size: Available in M [Fits UK 12]